Extraordinary Archaeological Discovery on Tavolara Island

Evidence of the ancient Etruscan civilisation has been found in Sardinia.

According to the superintendent of Sassari and Nuoro, Francesco di Gennaro, the discovery that the Etruscans lived in Sardinia is “a new starting point for studies in this area”.

This new information has sent ripples through the world of Italian archaeology and drawn a lot of attention to Tavolara Island.

The island of Tavolara is located six kilometres off the coast of Olbia, on the north-east coast of Sardinia. On this humble island, the remains of an Etruscan settlement have been found for the first time.

From the excavations conducted by the Superintendency of Sassari and Nuoro, funded by the Marine Protected Area of Tavolara and Coda Cavallo, the archaeologists involved found a settlement dating back to the ninth century BC and the early Iron Age.

The excavations, which were done in Spalmatore, were completed around 2016, but upon review of the findings (which were released in a publication), archaeologists found evidence of an ancient civilisation.

In fact, researchers uncovered one of the most important civilisations for prehistoric evolution in the central area of ??the Apennines that existed during the Villanovan Age.

“Many materials from Etruria found in the archaeological sites of Sardinia…have long been well known to archaeologists”, explains Francesco di Gennaro. “The discovery of the Tavolara settlement, the first attestation of a port in a foreign land of people coming from the Etruscan shore, provides indications on the dynamics and socio-economic structuring of these commercial contacts and of the ancient trans-Tyrrhenian partnership”, concluded Francesco di Gennaro.

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